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New Zealand Fine Art Landscape Photography - "Pineridge"

Black and white New Zealand landscape scene of pine tree silhouettes against a sunset sky


"Pineridge" is an photograph I am most proud of, even though it's creation was quick and almost by chance.

It came about after a massive day driving, and I was feeling like all I wanted to do was to jump in bed in the back of the camper and sleep for a week. 


Although it was the height of Summer, it was one of those really wet Summers that never seems to clear up, and makes driving long distances feel like a real chore, especially when you start at 9am at one end of the country, and stop at 8pm at another.

After finally arriving at our destination, I decided I wanted to make the most of a break in the weather and the last of the days light,  and left the camp site for a while to explore the surrounding area on foot with my camera. I just felt like I wanted to take in the sights and sounds of nature all around us. 

As I walked down a small hill to a river intent on following some ducklings, I just felt the light get a little bit brighter. I looked up to the sky to see the once thick rain clouds had turned into wispy versions of themselves and almost disappear entirely.


It was at this point I noticed that because the sun had just managed to say one final goodbye before leaving for the day, it had lit up what was left of the wispy clouds and turned the next ridge over into a silhouette. The next ridge over, as you will see, contained a thin row of young pine trees that had turned black against the dusky sky.

Inside of 2 minutes, most of the sun had disappeared and the stars had started coming out to play. I think I got off about 4 frames before the scene disappeared.

Thus, was born one of my favourite images I have ever shot.

It's a simple composition, but then again, I'm a simple dude, so can appreciate the balance and the tones of a simple yet pleasing landscape.

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