I use a lot of equipment... Cameras, lenses, audio, computers...  

Cameras, lenses, and everything else I use on a daily basis are tools.

However... I like to think of tools a little less harshly. To me these "tools" are creative items that help me express myself. As such I give them names. Sounds silly I know, but in actual fact it makes perfect sense.

If I get a call from a client with a quick phone brief, I mentally make a note to use, say... "Franz", or "Fritz" if it is a photo job, or "Salvador" or "Sancho" if it is a video job etc.

First letter designates the camera manufacturer ("F" for Fujifilm, and "S" for Sony), and then the name follows what I would have called my German or Mexican sons - had I had them... in either Germany or Mexico... with local wives... (only one at a time). It does get a bit quirky when both "Franz" and "Sanchez" are required on jobs as it is 2 complete kits...

Oddly enough my Canon cameras (RIP) were female names (Chloe and Camilla) I really don't know what was happening there?

Computers have their own names but that goes beyond what is acceptable in this forum.

Click the image below to read my thoughts on a lot of kit I use, some stuff I am very fond of, and other stuff thats a little... meh!

My comments are honest but I have been told they could be a little too honest... and funny in parts...

Main PHOTO  Cameras:


Main VIDEO  Cameras:


All my equipment, and all my thoughts... (click through to see my mini reviews of each kit)

Photo and video equipment I use daily


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