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Spring 2022

Europe Photography Gallery

Photographing Europe...

I was late to Europe...

It was one of those places that always seemed so far away from New Zealand, and always on the "I'll get there someday" list.

I don't know why I waited so long! Europe is old. Old and busy. And expensive. It's also a fantastic place to explore, photograph, explore some more and get lost in the culture.

The 2022 trip was Spain and the UK with my trustee Fujifilm Xpro and GFX kit, so more trips abroad will mean I'll be adding to this gallery for some time to come, - check back often to see new additions.

All images you see here in the gallery are ©Kirk Vogel 2022, however you can buy a print for your wall, or license an image for editorial use. Please contact me for more info.

In the mean time, click an image and use the left / right arrows to view the gallery. Enjoy :)


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