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New Zealand photo book - Piha surfer silhouette

My wife and I were out walking our dog last Winter when we came across this Piha surfer silhouette image on Piha Beach. What was unique about this day was there was almost no one else on the beach!

Yes it as a bit chilly, and windy, and a bit sand stormy, but it wasn't freezing / freeeezing cold (maybe just a bit icy but not FREEZING), and anyway, dogs don't seem to care about temperature (our honey badger don't care!) so I did expect to see a bit more activity on the sand.

We were on our way back to the carpark when I saw the first sign of activity for over an hour, as these three surfers were dipping a toe into the water while trying to decide if they would go in.

I loved the small but distinct statues perfectly separated in the distance - small, but not so small you can't see their surf boards - and the massive environs of the deserted beach with no footprints, and no one else around.

What I like most about this image is the implied loneliness and isolation, yet the tight brotherhood of mates with their boards off in the distance. Couple this with the neutral colours, visible layer of surf spray and the dark rocky cliff looking down onto them and I think its a simple but pleasing image. I actually edited this cooler with less warmth but thought the more natural colours suited it better

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