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Spring 2022

Editorial Photography Gallery

Editorial Photography...

You might recognise some of the characters I've come across over the years... I've met politicians, musicians, movie stars, covered royal state visits and even met the pope(!) all through my chosen profession of editorial photography.

I've covered joyous events like festivals, commonwealth games, concerts, weddings and parties for the rich and famous, but I've also been witness to some pretty sombre stories over the years... car accidents, mass murders, and the like, all in the name of documenting news and recording history in a mass market editorial medium.

One thing remains constant through all my assignments. The art of the capture...

I've seen some great advancements in technology in the last two decades or so, however film remains my favourite medium.

You will notice the gallery images below look... "a little different"! Thats because they were all shot with analog film camera's, and Tri-X or T-Max B/W film between 1980 and 1992...

You'll see grain and dust and scratches. Real world analog things that we try so hard to avoid nowadays with hi-tech machines that have engineered out the soul of photography. These images reach the heart of story telling. They're Flawed. Imperfect. Honest. Real. 

They are also high resolution scans from 10x8 B/W prints I made (some are 25+ years old!). The tones are as they were when the images were sent to the presses. However I would hope you see past that and feel the real story behind each image. Crafted with pride, by me.

Click an image and use the left / right arrows to view the gallery. Enjoy :)


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