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Spring 2022

Vietnam Travel Photography Gallery

Photographing Vietnam...

There is something about travelling to a place you have never been to before.

It's like a full reset button has been pushed and everything is new all over again. I'm not a tourist, but someone who prefers the quieter side streets (or even better - out of the way villages and towns with no roads!). Cultures are precious, people are important, and this is the reason I love to document life and new cultures through photography.

I never travel without a camera (or 3) and never stop looking. I'm always on. Some of my favourite images have come from just people watching in public places, none more so than the local markets of Hoi An, and the surrounding villages in Vietnam. 

Street photography is the most interesting type of photography. Capturing a look, or an unguarded moment in public, or just people going about their life in general. We are all interesting - we all have a story - and there's real skill in the art of documenting a moment and capturing a feeling (while operating in 32 degree heat!)

All images you see here in the gallery are ©Kirk Vogel 2020, however you can buy a print or license an image for editorial use. Please contact me for more info.

In the mean time, click an image and use the left / right arrows to view the gallery. Enjoy :)


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