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2024 New Zealand photo book - Central Otago "Bliss"

I'm going to call this one New Zealand's own "Central Otago Bliss", just because... ya know.... looks like something I saw once on an old computer once.

I was really looking for an image on the other side of this stretch of dirt track, because there were a few cows I was trying to get the attention of, but they just weren't performing!

The other side of the road had very average looking skies and I liked the composition, but as soon as the sun came out and I turned around I was presented with this image.

I knew immediately I had to shoot it, the colours were exactly as they appear here. Strong greens and blues with perfect little puffy clouds just hanging there.

I hummed and ahhhed about taking out the fence line, but I think its the one thing that adds to the New Zealand(y) feel.

Click the image to be taken to the NZphotobook gallery to see more curated images.

Check back here often, or follow the path to LinkedIn and Instagram where I'll be prodding the public with a beg to vote for that image to stay, or go. There might even be a YouTube video or 2 of the story behind the image... you just never know...

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