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2024 New Zealand photo book - it's happening...

The holiday season was a great chance to reflect on life, the universe and everything in between, and the one revelation I came to (well - the one I will admit to) was that in my looooong career as a photographer, I have never considered the idea of publishing a New Zealand photo book!

I make images for a living. I have been published in newspapers, magazines and online all around the world, but never have I thought I might chop down some trees, turn chips into paper in China, and print my masterpieces onto something that resembles a giant drinks coaster / coffee table book.

Not a pretty pictures book mind you... I'm not one for chocolate box images. My images are much more of real life - think documentary style. A kind of National Geographic meets New Zealand Listener.

I love this country. I love the landscapes and mostly I love the small town folk that make up the tapestry of our society. I love the moments that appear in front of our eyes that are pure New Zealand(y). Of course it's going to be a book OF new Zealand. Not about New Zealand.

Soooooooooo... the process starts. Old prints, negatives, transparencies, hard drives, and everything in between will be scoured, purged, curated and published online... or at least thats the plan!

Over the course of the next few months, and starting Monday 22nd I will be posting 3 images a week to this website blog for feedback on popularity. The images with the biggest number of votes will be the ones that make the cut, and the rest... well they'll make great fodder for the next bonfire.

Click the image to be taken to the NZphotobook gallery to see more curated images.

Check back here often, or follow the path to LinkedIn and Instagram where I'll be prodding the public with a beg to vote for that image to stay, or go. There might even be a YouTube video or 2 of the story behind the image... you just never know...

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