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New Zealand photo book - Lake Tekapo mountains, lake and weather layers

Weather layers over Lake Tekapo is an image I shot a couple of years ago while camping on the shore, and enjoying a beer while looking out over the lake to the distant mountains.

It just struck me that (given enough hazy IPA) layers of weather were developing over the mountains, while at the same perspective there were already existing layers of lake, trees and mountains! I don't know why I hadn't seen it before, but all of a sudden there were 6 layers of interesting details forming! Even a bit sozzled I still seemed to be able to function creatively!

I stumbled back into the motorhome and grabbed the 200mm lens just as the sunlight disappeared and was left with a flat, moody, multi layered image that I found pleasant. In time to come (much like meeting new people) I decided I was actually quite fond of this image, not the least because it wasn't one of those shiny chocolate box images with overly saturated water colours.

Now, I have toyed with the concept of pushing the contrast and saturation up to 11 and getting that poppy colour, but I just can't do it. I like it this way.

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