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2024 New Zealand photo book - Abandoned plane in the bush

If you have been following me for a while, you might have seen this image of an abandoned plane in the bush before.

I discovered this old Bristol freighter many years ago while out on a photowalk in rural South Auckland. It stood out like the proverbial's and looked both imposing, and sad at the same time, as unstoppable time, nature and the elements slowly took it over.

I believe its gone now, either moved to a new location, or (I hope) off somewhere to be restored.

It had apparently been stored in this spot since about 1985, but by the look of the paddock it was in, - and the home around it - not much had been done to keep it alive and out of the weeds since then.

I love that the cabbage tree directly in front of it seems to be saying "you're done!" now towering over the cockpit and impeding its path. I also love the cammoflage scheme which now makes perfect sense with the vegetation surrounding the plane. In fact, if you eliminate the blue sky, the entire colour pallet is green and yellow!

Its a very simple image, but one I love for many reasons.

As you should know by now I love old things, I love broken things, and I love the fact that inanimate objects can put up such a fight against time, holding out till the very last second before succumbing to nature or the elements. How long that might be is a mystery, but one I like to "check in on" from time to time.

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