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2024 New Zealand photo book - Idyllic backcountry farmhouse

This little red New Zealand backcountry farmhouse looked cute as a button as I glided by on my mountain bike, and was definitely worthy of closer inspection.

The day was roasting hot, with flies, mozzies and the odd wasp fighting over a landing spot on my sweaty skin. I was dry as a bone with an empty water bottle and no sign of a refill anytime soon. To say I was bothered would be an understatement!

However, all that paled almost into insignificance the longer I looked at this little red brick and red roofed cottage, just sitting in the most idyllic backcountry setting.

I knocked but there was no one home. Would have loved to have met the occupants and shot an image of them in front of the house but no luck.

This one makes it into my selects because I love the overall colour palette, the isolation (you really do have to work to get to this location!) and the almost serene feel of the complementary colours and textures. The fact that the sky is so blue only makes me love it more!

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