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2024 New Zealand photo book - Natural chasm hike in Wairarapa

I love me some landscapes. I especially love a walk or longer hike through the odd New Zealand natural chasm, caves, rivers, and hills. This one on Patuna Farm, in Martinborough is a ripper!

You can thank the sister in law for showing me this, and the wife for posing for the image you see here.

A 2.3 mile walk through some of the most amazing New Zealand natural scenery, including caves, chasms, rivers and hills makes this one of my favourite places in the Wairarapa.

We got to this point in the chasm after fording some rivers up to our waist, trudging through mud up to our knees, and climbing up and down ladders to get to the next part of the landscape. Great fun, great pictures and a great way to exercise some of those lesser used leg muscles!

My trusty old Canon 5Diii survived the elements, and as I turned around to check on wife, I saw her looking skyward to the light and grabbed just 2 frames. This was my favourite!

I think the natural warm rock colours and the large formations look awesome. I also love the small splash of complementary green colour on her shirt, and the way the light and shadows compete for attention. Oh and there's also a hint of a small river at her feet (the same one that got quite deep just prior!).

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