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2024 New Zealand photo book - Summer at the beach, West Coast

Summer at the beach on the West Coast will most certainly involve long days in the sun (and sunburn), sand between your toes and a BBQ (or 5).

We found our way to the West Coast of the South Island a while back, and after enjoying all the elements nature could throw at us we retreated back to the camper for dinner and some refreshments. It wasn't until I ventured outside to set up the dinner table on a park bench that I noticed the scene I had unconsciously created a few hours before!

I swear it never looked as inviting as this when I was hanging out 2 wet towels to dry!

For me, what really makes this image work, is the contrasting colour s of the towels, perfect blue sky, the feathery grass, and the fact my jandals seemed to be waiting for me to return to them for another walk down the beach.

It really is the quintessential New Zealand Summer summed up in one image, and one I am actually very fond of.

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