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2024 New Zealand photo book - Central Otago building at sunset

As a fan old buildings and historical New Zealand architecture, I couldn't resist shooting this Central Otago historical drapery building at sunset.

I found this many years ago, and even over the passage of time it hasn't decayed as much as I thought! It looked the same 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and probably even 25 years ago, just chillin' on the main street, almost calling out for attention from those who pass by.

There's a small window display with a sewing machine, and some assorted drapery related items, and if you squint you could easily imagine a horse or two tied up out front, while the owners are having their clothes altered.

This building sits not far from the Ophir hall and Post Office I shot in a previous post, and is what I would call almost the perfect example of old town New Zealand.

The cream coloured building just popped as the setting sun turned the light a very light shade of pink, just warning the weatherboards up a shade or two.

I love this image, probably because of what it is, not so much the technical aspect of the photograph. I love the hint of the dichotomy of olden times and modern times (if you look closely theres a car parked in a neighbouring property). As such, it makes my cut as a finalist for the book.

Click the image to be taken to the NZphotobook gallery to see more curated images.

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