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New Zealand photo book - Abandoned farmhouse in Central Otago

This abandoned farmhouse in Central Otago was really hard to spot. As we drove past in the motorhome I was quite taken with the very long grassy paddock as a landscape photo, and the nice setting it made with the green trees behind it.

However, as soon as I climbed onto the roof and threw on the 300mm lens I discovered there was actually a house sitting in it towards the far end! Couldn't believe my luck, a nice photo suddenly turned into a much nicer photo and gave both a point of focus and a much better composition.

I was very tempted to have a closer look but respected the signs on the private road telling me to not enter, so just enjoyed it for what it was. A cool looking little old farmhouse in a long grassy field.

I think the thing I like most about this image is the minimal range of colours. Green and yellow. Not my two favourite colours if I'm honest, but they go together really well. If the skies were perfect blue I think it might have been a bit much, and I do like the flat light that was present on the day. As it sits here I am happy with the image.

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