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New Zealand photo book - Cardrona Hotel, Central Otago

As a fan of old New Zealand Hotels, the historic Cardrona Hotel in Central Otago is one of the best this country has to offer.

Not just photographically, but as an experience. Just getting there is an adventure, passing some of the most picturesque places New Zealand has to offer.

Thankfully we arrived on a quiet day, just in time for a lunchtime refreshment, and a seat in the not very busy garden. Ordered some delicious fries and beverages and took in the fresh mountain air, and the ambience of one of the oldest hotels in the country.

I have been here before, and it had been on my list to get back to at some stage in the future, so there was no real surprise in store for me, but the old car outside.... that was a bonus!

There really is nothing technical about this image. Nothing at all. What I love here is the fact that it is a historical photo of a moment in NZ's time. Simple, unobstructed, unchallenged by modern conveniences and seemingly exactly how it would have looked 100 years ago. Albeit with a bitumen road passing by...

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