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Kirk Vogel - New Zealand Photographer - Black and White Photography Galleries and wall art

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Gallery No.1

Gallery No.3

Gallery No.5

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Gallery No.6

Kirk Vogel photographer with camera over shoulder while travelling in Spain

Kirk Vogel - Photographer

I'm a New Zealand born photographer with a long list of experience in news, editorial, features, magazine, commercial advertising, and more recently video production.

Photography however, is where my heart is... I love being able to tell a story or to capture the feeling of a moment in just one frame, or to build a body of work of eclectic but interesting pictures.

From the start of my career as a photojournalist, I knew my passion in life would to create images of the world that would evoke a reaction, capture the beauty of a scene or a moment, or tell a story.

As an Auckland based professional photographer, I have more recently been exploring personal projects, less commercial, but more documentary style, mostly New Zealand, and all black and white.

This website is primarily going to serve as a collection of some of my personal work - photography that moves me, or touches my soul in some way. It doesn't need to make sense, or fit into any commercial space. This is purely a selection of some of my favourite personal work... The stuff I do when no one is watching (or paying me!).

My commercial client work can be found over at my commercial media site here....

Thanks for dropping by, please say hi, and stay in touch...



Kirk Vogel | Photographer
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