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New Zealand photo book - Pine tree ridge silhouette at sunset

I never really thought of myself as a landscape photographer, but after a couple of beers on the shores of the Clutha river at Lowburn, I noticed a distant pine tree ridge silhouette, just on sunset and just as the sky was changing colour. Turns out, I am a little bit landscape(y) and this is one of my favourite images from this trip to the South Island.

The sky went from pink, to a purple / orange but this is my favourite!

I like the negative space in the top left and bottom right of the image, and until recently had only processed it as a black and white. I had completely forgotten about the colour of the sky, seems I was more in love with the composition and the shadows than I was with the colour!

It's a very simple picture, but to me I see a long thin row of little pine soldiers walking slowly up a ridge on the way to a forest to settle in for the night. Silly I know, but if we never listened to our imagination we'd all be a very dull bunch... You should see some of my dreams from trips like this.....!!!!!!

The following few days were what I would call a dry spell (photographically speaking) and comprised of ducks begging for my breakfast / lunch / dinner, screaming kids asking when they can go home from the neighbouring campers, and Pink Floyd. Memorable for the music, but not much else.

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