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New Zealand photo book - Perfect Winter day in the Bay of Plenty

As the weather starts to turn cooler, I am reminded of the last perfect Winter day I photographed in the Bay of Plenty last year.

Although crispy cool I was dressed for the occasion, and upon turning a long sweeping left hand corner on highway 30, I was confronted with this scene of strong symmetry, and lush Winter colours. Too good to pass up.

I'll be the first to admit I'm not really in love with having freezing fingers operate my cameras, but this one was worth it (so was getting back to the long black I was slowly sipping on before I stopped!).

It was all over in a couple of minutes. 8 frames, 2 muddy shoes, and a pair of torn jeans from catching my leg climbing a the farm gate to shoot this image. No blood was shed, so I can say I'm bleeding for my craft... unlike another image on this gallery...

What I love about this image is the colour of the perfect dark blue Winter sky, the lush green grass, the negative space in the upper right, and the "see through trees" that is a mark of a season of change. Oh I also remember it well because I was experimenting with a new camera system, and that always motivates me to get out more!

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