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2024 New Zealand photo book - Ophir town hall at sunset

Sunset at the Ophir Town Hall and Post Office has been on my bucket list of images to make for a very long time. Central Otago is one of my favourite places in the world and the quiet isolation that historic Ophir offers is like nowhere else I have been.

late 2023 I had the opportunity to create something I had planned on doing for about 20 years. Spend the night in the quaint little town, explore the main street at sunset and be sure no one got in my way (except a couple of bunnies that poked their nose out for a look as I stood near their hole for this shot).

It was a little chilly at 9pm, but I'm not afraid of a little cold weather, and I made this image over 4 seconds when just the right balance between the setting ambient light and the street light occurred.

I knew I had it, and 2 minutes after I shot this frame the light had passed.

Ophir is small Central Otago town rich in historical buildings - including New Zealand’s oldest post office - and built on the back of the gold rush of the 1860's. Some of the original buildings still remain, and has made it a must see place for those who love out of the way places and back country towns of New Zealand.

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